Thursday, May 28, 2009

son of the b...each

rafael likes beach. we used to be worried that rafael doesn't like stepping on the sand with bare foots but it turns out that he will take off his sandals at once : )

we went to the stanley on a sunny sunday afternoon. while i was still waiting for a parking lot, rafael just couldn't wait anymore and he left the car with amy and dashed to the water!


we should have let him put on the swimming suit but we hadn't... luckily he still has a spare outfit on our car...


see, his smile tells you how much he loves going to beach.


p.s. the lady in skirt behind rafael is not amy

p.p.s. luckily amy does not really fancy white complexion, otherise going to beach will never be our no. 1 leisure activity : )

p.p.p.s. one more photo for those who love rafael's stinky feet : )



Sarah Yuen said...


Mac said...

Sarah: 多送一張臭腳相給你!

Sarah Yuen said...

- -|||
 0    多...多謝晒喎!