Thursday, July 2, 2009

a sweet but silent call

my heartbeat always goes up whenever i got phone calls from the daycare - could rafael be having a fever? oh no, could he have broken his head?

this morning the school rang and amid the heavy pounding of my heart, i managed to hear the words of the teacher: "rafael said he didn't see you this morning and he missed you, can you spare a minute to talk to him?"

oh yes oh yes!!!

rafael wasn't speaking at all during the "conversation" and it was only me who kept saying "mama will see you soon tonight" but his silence already brightened up my day.

i just wish he could be as sweet as i return home tonight - you know what, sometimes he could refuse to hug me and turn away from me, especially at times when i need to work overtime.

and one month later rafael is going to start nursery class at a new school, i just wish the teachers could be as patient to make these sweet calls for him and me.








michelle said...

i had the same panic too when i received call from daycare...
don't worry Amy, Rafael is growing up and he would learn to be independant. Even his future teacher does not have the same patience, he would learn to be :)
Have a good day, Amy !

amy said...

michelle, you are so right. and thanks for reminding me. i guess i just need to treasure the moment when he needs me now, and embrace it when he has learnt to be independent.

孜媽 said...

so sweet, amy!

Yoshi said...

So sweet that Rafael told his feeling to the teacher and they are kind enough to call u. Give him BIG BIG hugs and kisses tonight when u see him.

Wong said...

What a big progress that your boy could express his request at a right way and obviously his teacher is very kind and generous to take care of his emotion : >

Veronica said...

Oh.... that's so sweet!

SoCow said...

this is very sweet of Rafael and of the school!