Monday, November 2, 2009

it's snowing!



the other day while daddy (the cleaning monitor at our home) was away, we tried a cornstarch experiment at home. while it was definitely fun experiencing the liquid and solid changing and formation in our hands, i didn't expect the funniest part to come only at the very end.

"it's snowing!" rafael shouted with excitement, as he found the mess we made on the floor. the next minute he started running around throwing "snowflakes" over me and then running his favourite cars on the "snow".


glad that he even volunteered to clean up after the mess.

volunteering to vacuum the mess


alsace said...

Learn by playing is full of fun.

woodstockbb said...

wow... what a great mom...

馬渡太太 said...


amy said...

thanks all! actually it wasn't that messy as imagined - cleaning up just took 2 mins' vacuuming + 2 mins' dish washing!

May said...