Thursday, December 3, 2009










sometimes we ask rafael whether he wants to have a brother or sister.

dad's favourite questions is: will you be sharing your cars/toys/food with your brother or sister?

oh dear, are you asking an egocentric toddler to share his possessions with someone he has yet to meet!?

one night, i held rafael in my arms and said: mommy and daddy both love you so much, isn't it? and if you have a brother or sister, there will be one more person loving you. do you think it sounds nice?

6 more months to go, someone special will join the mackie's family.


Vic said...

Congratulations! I have been reading your blog for quite a while. First time to comment here.

michelle said...

wow wow,such a good news !! congratulations amy !!!!

nikita said...


孜媽 said...





馬渡太太 said...

恭喜晒呀, Amy & Mac, 當然仲有Rafael! 之前去GYMBOREE都唔覺你又做左MOMMY添!

Wishing you a smooth, healthy and enjoyable pregnancy!! ^^

Yoshi said...

Yeah yeah....CONGRATULATION!!! So happy for your family. See, Mac is willing to give up his many many daddy's dream wishes, and go for #2. I know Rafael will be a great brother, and will enjoy sharing everything (almost everything perhaps). U and Mac are such great parents, he or she will be very blessed to join your loving family. Take good care of yourself, and I can't wait to read more about your pregnancy journey blog. And when we are back visiting next summer, hopefully we will get to meet your new member (maybe at the nearby park while the boys will be chasing after the soccer ball...) So happy for u all.

媽媽阿四 said...

WOOOOOOOW!!! 開心得我!!

p.s. 有福,好快D享多D ;)

羅師奶 said...

oh, so exciting!

amy said...


vic, 歡迎你!也再次感謝平常很少留言的隱形讀者!

yoshi mom: well, daddy wasn't exactly willing to... yet. it was out of the blue for us but i'm grateful that he's still as supportive :P

Ho said...

Congratulations! I bet Rafael will be a good and caring brother.

VT said...

WOW!!!!! our whole family has been so sick and busy in the past month.... first the influenza, then Kayton needed to go for all those K1 interviws.... i haven't been sitting in front of my computer for ages already... and don't know how long i haven't been browsing blogs... even my own page....

and i m sooooooo happy to find your "announcement" here.... u know what, actually i 'knew' about this last month... but guess since you might not be ready to tell, i should better be patient and wait. 8P
finally, finally, can say CONGRATS to you!!!! yeah! 8) so happy for you!

Sarah Yuen said...

恭喜你呀! 真的衷心祝福你!

alsace said...

Congratulations. 期待了很久的好消息,終於來到啦。替你們一家開心,特別是Rafael。有直覺兼信心,Rafael將會是一位好哥哥。

woodstockbb said...

woohoo... congratulations!

Rachel said...

Congratulation! This is a beautiful news. A great Christmas Gift for the whole family.

Take care.

Jacqueline said...

OMG! CONGRATULATIONS AMY, MAC, AND RAFAEL! Seeing you every Sunday, I didn't even realize!!!
WOOHOO! Can't wait to see Rafael teach his little bro/sis all his creative songs!

amy said...

thank you again everyone.

jacqueline: i was always wondering when will the teachers at gymboree find out too. i had to say i was pretty conscious in trying to hide away my bump with clothes. :P

hiwong said...

恭喜!!! 又添丁!

Irene said...

Oh my I've been missing only for a while...and WHAT A WONDERFUL NEWS!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!Can't wait to see the baby!!(boy girl boy girl boy girl...??!!!haha)

Veronica said...

Wow... Congratulations to you, Mac and Rafael!! I have only just found out about this wonderful news because I haven't had as much time for reading since our #2 arrived in August. We are very surprised that Cookie has been a good big brother to his little sister Creamy (they are 19 months apart). I am sure Rafael will be a good big brother too!! :)

Take care Amy and all the best with the pregnancy! xo