Saturday, January 2, 2010

it's elementary, my dear watson

going to a movie seems to be a luxury activity for us since the arrival of rafael. i can't really recall the last movie that we watched in the cinema, probably is batman the dark knight.

finally we were able to squeeze some 3 hours on the new year eve to watch sherlock holmes. and i am glad that the movie doesn't disappoint us : ) but i just wonder why i can't hear holmes' famous qoute in the movie - it's elementary, my dear watson!


Yoshi said...

happy new year!!

wow, movie dating...seriously when was my last visit to movie theater? doesn't matter what movie, I think just the luxury of spending quality time with your spouse is what it matters the most....nice.

Irene said...

Dear Mackie's fam,

Hi Amy, how's little baby doing? Hope it's an easy and wonderful pregnancy.

Please send my bear hug to Rafa :)