Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a pleasant flight

rafael: the plane is taking off!




爸爸和我還一心多用各自在兩程中看了三部電影(我看了很想看的500 days of summer,up和julia & julie!),嘩,仲想點!

we decided to test rafael's patience limit and try a longer flight to bail! we were stuck in the plane for more than 5 hours each trip and luckily rafael was behaving okay. of course there were a few tantrums, but at least he didn't overthrow the food tray as he did last time we flew back from singapore. and both daddy and i could even finish 3 movies during the two flights! what else could we ask for?!


R. Baumung said...

great picture, i rly like it!

aulina said...


amy said...

R.Baumung: welcome to mackie's family!

aulina: i wonder when we can go outside asia though!

Irene said...

ohhh i should have guessed you went to bali. i read this post before but didn't really click in my head,"bail" until i saw the cocoon pic! glad that you enjoyed bali!! :)