Wednesday, February 17, 2010

while mama is away...

... i need to be full time nanny for a day : )

i am so glad that rafael is not really cranky but instead behaving good for most of the time (the theory that kids only become wicked when mother's around is deemed 100% correct!!!)

at night, rafael is already sitting properly when dinner is served.

and the first sentence i heard from him is not either thank you or yummy or any other exclamation but... "where is the rice crisp?"

how come you know hotpot rice comes with rice crisp??


amy said...

i love that you have some precious bonding time with rafael alone.

and thanks for taking care of rafael and doing all the shopping, cooking and bathing so i got to catch up with my girl friends for one night!

Irene said...

what a sweet family! definitely will try to be away too :D