Wednesday, March 3, 2010

old cafe


we like bringing rafael to old hongkong-style cafes, before #2 comes out and we need to worry about whether the place is baby-friendly again. sometimes it's not really so much about the taste, but the memories that don't come with starbucks or pacific coffee.


Irene said...

cha chaan teng? oh i miss their yit nai cha! haha #2! :)

amy said...

yes i miss yit nai cha too!!! i could only sip from mac's cup of nai-cha/coffee now because of the caffeine!

Jacqueline said...

heehee the Starbucks at Duddell Street! They made it looking like old fashioned cha chan tang! But I guess it'll never compare to the REAL good old fashioned ones!