Wednesday, March 24, 2010

rafael's kitchen


in rafael's kitchen, our little chef said: look, i'm making egg puffs!



是日早餐:冇味精數字通心粉 + 有(心)機薯仔+甜豆+似銅鑼燒的熱香餅+香蕉

and i always love our chef's selection.

today's breakfast include: numbers pasta, potato, sweetpeas, dorayaki-like pancakes and bananas

rafael's kitchen


Kambayashi said...

Amy, after seeing all your felt food, I really want to do some for Yoshi too....while I was researching online, found this website, maybe u can make one of those breakfast platter or dessert, it's amazing...

( is a very resourceful website for me when I'm in the crafty mood... everything is handmade)

Kambayashi said...

...just found another unbelievable crafty site...., maybe u should make a starbuck drink for Rafael...

amy said...

you know what, i was just browsing etsy (for some other categories) when i got your messages! thanks for the links! the felt food are really too cute!

yeah i'm sure rafael would enjoy a babycino. :P