Tuesday, May 25, 2010


heather is admitted to the hospital because of jaundice, and i have problems with breastfeeding.

having nursed rafael for more than 2 years, i thought i'm pretty much a veteran breastfeeding mother and i thought it's just going to be smoother this time. while rafael was such an avid drinker and cried for hunger every hour, heather has decided to give us a peaceful mind by not crying at all and sleeping through the night from day 1. of course her mother tried every method to wake her up to nurse more, but she's just so determined to sleep and put on a hunger strike, actively sucking for only one or two minutes each time and not swallowing even when she's cupfed with expressed milk.

nothing in, nothing out. and that's why she's not able to get rid of the jaundice-causing bilirubin which needs to be passed out in her stool and urine.

we're hoping that the light therapy will help her and the nurses would be able to make her drink more at the hospital. meanwhile, with too little stimulation from my dear girl, i need to rely on regular pumping to increase my milk supply.

remembering those sleepless nights when rafael was a newborn, i was so eager to finish the book "no cry sleep solution" before heather was delivered, little do i know that sleep turns out to be the last thing i wish my girl to do now.

thanks for all your blessings and kind wishes for heather and us, i'm sure this difficult period will pass by in no time.


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I think Heather just want to have a little sun tanning, don't worry. Hang in there, this rough beginning will soon get better. Get some rest yourself too.Take care.

Rachel said...

I had the same problem with Abigail during her first month. We ended up taking one of the nurses advice: trying all the cruel ways to wake her up for feeding. We found out tickling her feet being most annoying and successful.
Hang in there. This period will get over very soon.
BTW, congratulation! Been trying to think of a more special way of congratulation (with my new Ukulele and the kids singing) but hasn't got to a presentable state yet. Hopefully we can show you soon one day.
And rest well. Looking forward to seeing you with slightly smaller dark circles under the eyes.

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will pray for you.

Hilton said...

My belated hearfelt congrats to you!! 小Heather好似哥哥咁喎,真係好啦! 一屋靚仔靚女! 希望小天使可以快D番屋企lar!

Irene said...

sending our prayers for Heather and Amy. God bless you and your family.