Thursday, June 17, 2010

mommy's getaway

couldn't bear all the recent discussions and i finally sneaked out to watch SATC2 earlier this week. out of no expectation (because of all the bad comments from friends and bloggers), i actually had quite a good laugh (and a bit of a good cry).

i like that the "girls" have all matured -- not only physically but mentally, along with us. i like that they're dealing with issues we're also facing - marriage and motherhood. i especially love the scene where miranda and charlotte talk about the difficulties being a mother over a glass of cocktail. i wish they could talk more.

i think i might prefer to see more of new york, but the girls' abu dhabi getaway has inspired my best buddies and i to plan for our girls' getaway trip.

i agree with my buddy - the movie's like catching up with your girlfriends. i think i will still catch up with them when they are 100 years old. : P


SoCow said...

i wish i could have a "second home" as my playhouse and my "first home" as a hotel.

amy said...

oh did you see it too? i wish i can have my own little hiding place as well!