Friday, February 18, 2011

four years



rafael's 4 year-old birthday

four years

are you four? oh are you four?
but you were a baby days before
you start to read and start to write
we just hope you'll learn what's right

a loving brother you really are
you made our special special star
no matter small or not so small
our buffet of love you can have all

(rafael turned 4 on february 5)


nikita said...


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mama4 said...

Blessings :)

mama4 said...

nice poem :)

馬渡太太 said...

Hapy B-day, Rafael!

Kambayashi said...

Amy,that's a poem with love, thx for sharing.

Rafael, happy birthday. Can't believe u are 4 already... that cheesecake u made with mom must be delicious, can u make one for us next time when we are back?

Is Heather ok now? u must have been worry so much. take care.

agnesleung said...

happy birthday Rafael! :)

amy said...

thank you all for your wishes and compliments! :)

kambayashi: of course no problem re the cheesecake!

heather has recovered but i noticed some coughing this morning... oh hope she's fine!