Friday, June 1, 2012

5 years

i love the idea of having a birthday tradition, and decided to have this little lousy poem dedication as ours. here comes rafael's, though it's almost 4 months late.

a mature kid in innocent disguise
you often scare us with adult-like replies
sensitive and inquisitive
seeing your smile is just addictive

you're going to graduate from kindy
no matter how we wish you'll grow slowly
our dear boy is already five
we love you more each day in life




rafael is 5



卡臣 said...

Happy Birthday~~

v said...

the little flag line is really lovely!!!

孜媽 said...



愷愷- 等你來做薄餅!

amy said...

carson: thank you!

v: it takes no time to make!

孜媽: 你知道那天你給愷愷的卡, 我當場看了也眼濕濕嗎?

Kambayashi said...

Amy, I'm always amaze with your poem talent. I have non on that category. ^_^ very lovely. thanks for sharing with us. The cookies and cake are so cute idea, Rafael and Heather are so lucky to have such great mom and dad. ^_^

amy said...

sabrina: i need to confess. i just open the thesaurus and find a right word! :P