Thursday, September 27, 2012

new school

i love rafael's new school. and it seems he has been pretty happy about it too.

his class teacher gave the parents a set of notes, and among all the classroom rules and points-to-note, she put down her expectations for the children. she said:
my hope this year is that all of the children in the class:
- come to know their creator God and deepen their relationship with him
- learn basic reading skills
- learn the 44 phonetic english sounds
- develop basic number sense
- develop a love for learning
- have a great time!
and i totally agree with her. if i have to criticise, i might add something about chinese - but she's the class teacher and not the chinese teacher, and i'm not sure if she knows chinese or not...

i really love that she hopes the children will develop a love for learning and will have a great time in school. these are what matter most.

rafael doesn't have much homework yet. all he is required to do is to read books. so naturally there isn't much to put on the handbook yet. i wrote something on the handbook as a start, and interestingly rafael seems to love that and he actually insists that i write something each day.

so i've somehow become a pen pal with his teacher. sometimes i run out of things to say and started talking about the weather. :P

i guess the handbook could make a good keepsake in memory of this special year though.

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