Saturday, January 5, 2013

latest update

haven't updated the blog for quite a while... i think both amy and i have become too lazy to switch on the laptop after we got smart phones and tablet computer : P

okay... let me recap what have happened over the holidays. christmas is always my favourite festive season (so as rafael but his reason for loving christmas is really.... out of my expectation - he said he loves it because jesus was born at christmas! can you believe it!?). as for heather, the past christmas should also be so memorable as she had been sick for the whole week from dec 23 to 30!

but luckily she was still energetic and cranky as usual : )

still able to pretend sad when being "bullied"...

still loved to take out the sausage when eating sausage bun...

and most of all, she was able to recover just in time so that we could still enjoy our holidays in bangkok!

for rafael, the highlight of the trip - apart from having lots and lots of icecream - must be visiting the toys department of every shopping malls and looking for the transformers figures

yeah... we were back yesterday... we wish you all a happy and healthy 2013!


v said...

so rafi is willing to go shopping now! good news!!

Judy said...

blogger has an apps (for android market la, at least)! super, super convenient to use, blog on the go la.

Mac said...

Oh you are mistaken. He is only willing to shop transformers figures jar wor.