Friday, December 27, 2013

merry christmas

amy always wants to put up a real christmas tree at home and her wish finally came true this year! and i'm a bit surprised to see it still survive after these two weeks (given that amy is a renowned plant killer.. hehe : P )

the kids are really enjoying christmas as it actually means: no school, no home work, but lots of free time to watch cartoon at home!


卡臣 said...

merry christmas to your family

Kambayashi said...

hello Mackie family, admire your energy to continue posting, I really need to pick that back up again soon.... I want to tell you, Yoshi loves his Lego City Police game too, that was his favorite. Santa just recently got him another one- Lego Chima game, we had been playing that for the past two days, kept us awake during jet lag. You should definitely check that out. Fun and different from police version.

Mac said...

Carson - hope everything is fine with you!

Sabrina - indeed we are quite lazy as you may have noticed that about two to three blogs were posted in the last few months! One of my wish list in 2014 is to post a new entry at least once a week : )