Friday, June 22, 2007

happy father's day

okay i know it's kind of late to write about father's day now, but it's the first for our family and it's better late than never :P anyway what do you think about rafael's father's day outfit? it says "if you think i'm cute you should see my daddy"! it's a little gift i bought for daddy from online, but too bad i didn't get to surprise him as he found out about it two weeks ago when the parcel came...

but there's another pleasant surprise gift he received from the creche. it's a frame with a little pic of rafa and a paper shirt with patterns of rafa's hand prints. i thought it's so sweet that it actually wetted my eyes a bit (well just a little bit)... and oh i should have sent rafa to the creche one month earlier so i can receive a mother's day gift from them too!

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