Tuesday, June 26, 2007

shopaholic & nursing

while you are nursing, what better things can you do other than reading? i've always noticed this shopaholic series by sophie kinsella in bookstores but haven't really read any of them. three weeks ago i picked up "confessions of a shopaholic" from the commercial press (since there's a 30% discount with the HSBC promotion) and found that it is absolutely hilarious! after finishing the first book, i couldn't resist going to the store again and getting all the others in the series (except the new one, shopaholic & baby, which doesn't have the mass market edition yet and doesn't seem to fit with the other ones i got). i'm on the forth one - "shopaholic & sister" - at the moment.

i haven't really been so glued to a book in a long time, apart from harry potter. so what's so funny about it? well i have to say basically this is a women's book, as you could probably guess. it's about this girl rebecca/becky who loves to shop, loves to daydream (she's the kind of girl who would daydream about becoming friends with Catherine Zeta-Jones after becoming her stunt. and why would she be a stunt? that's because she got a fencing gold badge. well that's how the imagination goes after she bought a fencing mask & sword, but the fact is she hasn't even taken one fencing lesson yet!), loves to avoid her problems in life, and somehow got those problems sorted out with a bit of her luck and wit. after all, don't all girls love to shop and daydream?

newark star-ledger's review on the book says "if creme brulee could be transmogrified into a book, it would be confessions of a shopaholic". i just couldn't agree more.

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