Monday, October 8, 2007

studio pics take 2

2S Sabrina & Sherman 昨日到studio影相,我們一家三口也去趁趁熱鬧,乘機拍一兩張合照.
our godchildren sabrina & sherman were having a portrait session yesterday and we went up to the studio to take some group pics with them.

while the little princess is posing...

and the little prince driving his thomas train to disneyland...

還未到我們"埋位", 靖愷, 不如先玩玩碰碰車吧!
rafael, why don't we have an amusement ride too?


and what do you want to do with this magic wand?


still not our turn to take pics, why not take an over-exposed family portrait just for illustration?

oh it's finally time for our supporting role rafael! luckily he didn't really show his temper after a long wait...

rafael had a long day and fell right asleep in mac's arms. and sabrina, after a day of modelling, seems to be really getting good at this! see her professional and elegant sleeping beauty pose! will she be hong kong's next top model?

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