Sunday, January 13, 2008

rafael in playgroup

like most of the parents in hong kong, we finally brought rafael to a playgroup yesterday. but unlike most of the parents in hong kong, we only went on our own without a domestic helper. apart from carrying their young masters in arms, the helpers were there to take photos or video (yeah, that was exactly what i did yesterday: holding rafael, taking pictures in class and packing the belongings after class. little wonder why other helpers looked at me in a friendly way, kind of countryman affection).

one of the activities was drumming, also rafael's speciality.

rafael was not that into the class, probably because he didn't sleep after he woke up at 6 am yesterday. little rafa fell asleep right after the class ended around noon!

seems that a joyride in the supermarket brought him more happiness : P

P.S. despite his apathy, we will continue to let rafael sit in another trial class of a different playgroup two weeks later. after all, we are just a pair of ordinary parents in hong kong... we do what other parents do.


Judy said...

new shoes for rafa?!

Kitty said...

I am so pround of you!

amy said...

judy: the shoes are not so new... let me count... chicco x 2, converse x 1, adidas x 1 (still too big though, we bought it at an outlet in japan), military x 1... rafael has already got five pairs of shoes now!

kitty: thanks! :)

Sabrina & Nori said...

I have also signed up Yoshi for his first playgroup this coming weekend too, shall be fun. I think we all might be running out of our own creative ideas at home, so we need some help from outside..^_^ (thx for your earlier new year message, and yes next time when we are bk to HK, it might be fun for Yoshi & Rafael to meet as they both can walk/run by then)