Sunday, January 27, 2008

rafael (or mummy?) in playgroup

now i realise why amy prefers gymboree than kindermusik... not because rafael likes the activities in gymboree but in fact it's amy who loves them more : P not believe in what i said? take a look at the pictures and see who is happier? i guess the smile on amy's face lasted longer than that of rafael during the 45-minute lesson yesterday : )


  • a happy amy and a thick-head rafael
  • 開心媽媽和呆板靖愷

  • an excited amy and a puppet rafael
  • 開心媽媽和扯線靖愷

  • a cheerful amy and a tiring rafael
  • 開心媽媽和累極靖愷

  • a joyful amy and a puzzled rafael
  • 開心媽媽和迷惘靖愷

  • a gleeful amy and a weary rafael
  • 開心媽媽和倒轉U形嘴靖愷



Judy said...

"a puppet rafael" - that's such a a vivid description, haha.

this company is doing it the right way then, the parents are paying, afterall. make the parents happy, and the kids will come. as for the kids, don't make them cry, then it's fine.

vt said...

it really looks like mami was having a good time there 8)