Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the power of tv

rafael has caught a slight fever today (be honest, i can't recall how many days in this month when rafael is free from fever/flu/running nose/coughing... sigh...) so he didn't go to school. that also means i need to look after him on my own AGAIN. in order to keep him busy so that i can do my own work (yeah including updating this blog : P), i let him watch the baby einstein. little rafa is quite interested in the episode on animals. he yelled "wow... wow" whenever he saw dogs... and also other dog-like-objects... that include cats, mice, hippos, giraffes... and even frogs : P



... 兼且令他十分雀躍?




Today somehow it feels very long staying home, running out of play ideas, so I pulled out the Baby Einstein video also, even though I normally don't turn on the TV (thanks for your reminder). The last time when we watched the 0-3 months category, both me and Yoshi were about to fall asleep, so boring just to watch the toys going around and around....Today, I "upgraded" the age category to 9mths+, good that at least there are volcabulary teaching...feels more realistic. Yoshi seems to show a bit more attention to the program on and off. But I must say, I just had no clue what's the big fuss about the video?! If it's not a gift, perhaps I might not have picked it up in store. Afterall, those are not cheap in considering the quality of the puppets......^_^ hey, does Rafael have any favorite Cantonese TV program that he likes? (Hope he feels better soon.)

amy said...

haha, i agree. i don't really understand what's so good about these videos? luckily this set of 20+ dvds only costed me some hkd200. i play the one w/ baby signs the most, since there is vocabulary about mommy, daddy, eat, drink etc.

we don't really let rafael watch tv much so there's no cantonese programme that he's watching yet. any recommendations? i'm thinking of getting him some sesame street ones which have more singing and action.

oh btw, sometimes i let rafael watch videos on your blog and other blogs, and he is surely interested in seeing other babies. :P


$200 HK only? that's great deal. I think if I buy it here, it costs US$15 each (=HK$120), it's per DVD. They must make a lot of money, all they cost are 3 pairs of socks and some toys....maybe we should do those ourselves.... No I don't have any cantonese TV recommendation, I was hoping u might have some...Sesame S will be good. But I think we should try digging out the old "430 Shuttle Bus", those were the good old days... Hope Rafael will feel better soon, poor guy, has been sick a lot. Get some rest mommy and daddy too.