Monday, March 10, 2008

hyper active?

are all baby boys energetic that they can't stay still even for one second? rafael is definitely no exception. little rafa didn't sleep after he woke up at 10 am yesterday (well, he only took a nap less than 15 minutes after lunch). though he was a little bit drowsy at the dinner time as he kept rubbing his eyes, surprisingly he seems to be full of energy again after we released him from the high-chair. he had a lot of fun with this little rattan chair by climbing up and down and up and down and up and down...

in the meantime, little rafa also illustrated in person the meaning of an old chinese idiom: extreme pleasure is followed by sorrow (樂極生悲).


no worries grandparents, little rafa knows exactly how to "land" safely and didn't get any hurt : P

還好靖愷自小已習慣由梳化及床邊採用「無定向不隨意地半人為疏忽二百七十度牛頓定律」式軟著陸,所以身體絲毫無損兼以3.67秒的速度重新站起來... 之後再繼續爬...

bonus track: monkey around rafael

同場加映:有破壞 無建設 日日好似聖誕節


kitty said...

You should take a video of how he gets up next time so that we can all learn from it. haha


He flipped the speaker?? oh no..that's the daddy's big NO NO!! wait till he flips the TV, that might be daddy's first yelling at him...guys' toy- NO TOUCH!!

As for the non-stop movement, well, thanks to the "sports mode" in camera, otherwise, 10 out of 10 pics would all be blurried!!! can u imagine the days when we still have to pay for developing those films??