Monday, April 7, 2008

confession of a careless mom

dearest rafael,

the other day when daddy was on night shift, mommy was sleeping with you as usual for some intimacy. and silly mommy didn't realise that the weather is getting hot and it is already the time for mosquitoes to go out and hunt for their preys, and so no precaution was taken whatsoever... and poor rafael, i was really astonished to wake up the next morning finding your face, arms, calves and even your neck and head all bitten by mosquito(es). and i was really saddened that you feel terribly itchy all over your body.

how i wish it was me who became the meal of the mosquito(es). if i knew mosquito language, i would definitely put up a sign on my forehead saying "you can have all my blood but i beg you, please, please don't touch my baby!".

what another painful lesson for the most careless mom in the world. once a again it reminds me how fragile you can be and how much you rely on us for protection.

wish you will recover from the bites soon.

your regretful mommy



Judy said...


樂天又無聊的auntie JUDY

amy said...

唔係呀, auntie judy, 側面還可以,正面會見到可憐的愷愷右邊面腫左+變型。



Don't worry, Rafael is not feeling any pain. He was rather happy that mommy got to sleep right next to him instead.

To all the bugs (u know who u are!!), stop bitting anyone, go and eat the garbage instead. Leave the family alone, esp little Rafael. I know he is sweet, but u all have to leave right now!!

amy said...

sabrina, you're truly a proactive mom.

yeah "fight the bugs!" "say no to mosquito bites!"