Sunday, April 6, 2008

visit to peng chau

island trip again - last sunday we went to peng chau with auntie hilton's family. the weather was so bad a few days ago and we were afraid that the trip had to be called off... but luckily the rain stopped just in time, even though it was windy with no sunshine.

group photo before departure - too bad hang hang (formerly known as bobo) was a bit sleepy and refused to look at the camera.

it took about 40 minutes to go to peng chau by ferry. little rafa was able to remain on his seat quietly in the first 20 minutes but then he asked (or commanded?) to linger around in the cabin...

both rafael and daddy visited peng chau for the first time. peng chau is tiny place and it seems the time has stopped in the 80s...

we went to discovery bay for lunch after our peng chau tour. rafael was so excited after meeting many many dogs in the discovery bay plaza... and he was not scared by touching them! (luckily he didn't get bitten : P)

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