Thursday, April 3, 2008

crying rafael

most of the time rafael is cute and well-behaved. but sometimes he is so naughty and acting like a barbarian.

little rafa was so cranky last night, partly because he was sleepy, and partly because we didn't allow him to leave his high chair as he was yet to finish his meal. to show his discontent, he started throwing everything in front of him onto the floor, his utensils, towel, book and everything! when we told him to stop, he didn't take heed and even threw away his bowl intentionally (mind you not the plastic one but a porcelain). so i decided to punish him by hitting his hand lightly. i was sure that didn't cause any pain to him but he knew we were reprimanding him. how did he respond? he cried fiercely and only stopped after realising that no one would come to save him (of course we needed to stop my father from holding him away when we were teaching him : P).

rafael, we don't punish you for no reason. daddy and mummy just hope that you can learn right from wrong. we don't want to spoil you. we don't want in one day you regret why daddy and mummy pamper you too much. hope you'll understand when you grow up.


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HAHA, love the close up shots. Just like Yoshi, boys are always boys....good job mom & dad. Also, love your comment about grandpa... the other day when grandpa heard Yoshi crying in the crib thru the phone (long distance call), he urged me to go and stay by him right away...I said he needs to cry a bit first....if grandpa is right here with us, Yoshi will definitely be spoiled!! ^_^