Tuesday, April 1, 2008

where are the birds?

guess what's rafael looking at?


birds! rafael always feels excited and screams every time when he sees birds outside the windows at home. so we brought him to the aviary of hk park last saturday. in fact it is also the first time for me to go there, though i walk pass the park almost every working day.


rafael enjoys walking on his own very much as he can go anywhere he likes...


that's really good as we used to hold him in our arms or put him in the carrier when we went out because he didn't like to sit in his stroller. but it's quite tiring to do so as he weighs more than 20 pounds now!


following our aviary visit was the breakfast time at habitu cafe. the coffee (mine is iced white mocha and amy's rose latte) is wonderful but the bagel and all day breakfast are just so-so... : P

同場加映:habitu cafe早餐,咖啡美味但食物一般...

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