Monday, May 19, 2008

family trip

we had been waiting 20 months for an overseas trip since our honeymoon in japan back to sept 2006. and finally this day has come! : P


there were not too many choices on destination if we were bringing rafael with us. staying in a resort with sunshine and beach (and most important, kids' club) seemed to be our best option.


you can tell that mommy and daddy felt more excited about the holiday than the little prince.


my colleague went to bangkok with her 18-month-old son last year and i was told that after that trip, her husband sworn that he wouldn't bring his son for another trip before he's 10!! so you can tell how hard it would be if going for a trip with a little monster. this photo simply tells how rafael behaved in the 5-day trip.


we had taken almost 1000 pics in our trip but this should be the only decent family photo with all of us looking and smiling at the camera!


when we were planning for our first family trip, we thought of going to bintan but were told by a friend that the facilities and environment were not that baby-friendly. and then we considered singapore but were once again warned of the boredom and dullness of the city. it was the mamas' idol who has, once again, inspired us! : P after reading about her journey, we discovered sabah which is only 3 hrs' flight away. it turns out that we have made a good decision!


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媽媽阿四 said...

i love those beach writing pics!

glad you guys had fun :)