Tuesday, May 20, 2008

rafael in sabah

perhaps rafael was still too young to know what "vacation" really means but i'm pretty sure that he did have some fun in sabah, especially at this kids' club...


this is the corner called "baby land" with lots of toys for small kids (well, the boy in red may not be so sure about his age?). as for rafael, i guess he was wondering which toy he should play with first : P


this is another part of the kids' club where rafael has spent most of the time in... cooking, driving and running... oh btw, he really thought the food was real as he put those plastic chicken and banana not only into his mouth but also mine : P


rafael's smile tells how he was overjoyed after making acquaintance with this beautiful french lady - anastassia. they spent a lot of happy moments together at the kids' club and in the swimming pool.

to anastassia: our hearty thank to you for looking after rafael. i guess he missed you a lot after returning to hk.


so you can imagine how heart-breaking it was when we left the kids' club... rafael was using all his effort trying to escape... but of course in vain : P


i guess we spent at least an hour at the kids' club every day, but every time when we left he still had a long cry as if being abused : P

離開遊戲室的實況(二):硬功不成再施軟功... 用眼淚攻勢... 可惜都是徒然 : P

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Judy said...

Post more beach pics! Otherwise Auntie Judy would think that Rafa stays in the kid's club 90% of the time (he might wish so). The struggling pics at the end are so funny (to me, surely not to the parents, haha).

The photo in the previous entry with him wearing adult sunglasses is cute.

The french girl is sweeeeeeeeet.