Wednesday, May 21, 2008

what else did rafael do in sabah?

  • eating (in a mess as usual)

  • 靖愷在沙巴有46.25%的時間用於「扭計」,13.65%的時間用於進食,包括他自己的食物

  • fish-feeding (also fed himself with the fish food)

  • 也包括大魚小魚的食物

  • sleeping in everywhere (should have learnt from his mom : P)

  • 24.8%的時間用於隨街睡覺

  • ball game with his new friend

  • 另有15%的時間用於擴大社交圈子

  • talking to the birds

  • 餘下0.3%的時間練習外語


woodstockbb said...

Not sure what profession Rafael will get into... but pretty sure that he will have a lot of options since he doesn't have to spend so much time on eating, is capable of sleeping everywhere, like cars, planes, ferries..., has very good social skills, communication skills, like talking in Chinese, French, English, Birdish... The most important of all, it has proved that he is not gay.

Judy said...

想不到法國小姐是這麼高大的呢 (用中文寫,以免給小妹妹發現, 哈哈)!!

Rafa can be a 另類 "street sleeper", maybe 行為藝術家, 哈哈. 又, 茱迪姨姨也是可以隨街睡覺的 (主要在巴士上)!!

amy said...

kitty: that i'm not sure yet. i once saw him hugging a boy.

judy: 小妹妹現居台灣,有學中文啊!

anastassiapierre said...

i like raphael i am sure that going to go after to a good school

anastassiapierre said...

i whant to see you you know whaat i am not going to forget you you are juste the excellent boy in the world

amy said...

merci beaucoup anastassia. we, particularly rafael, won't forget you too! :)