Thursday, May 22, 2008

hello, rafael's speaking... part II

probably we don't need to bring any toys or story books next time when we are on vacation. just make sure that the hotel got a nice telephone : P


Yoshi said...

was he calling for room service?? make sure he is not calling grandparents, the phone bill could be $$. Welcome back. (Just curious, how's the plane ride for him?!)

amy said...

oh thanks for reminding us. next time maybe we have to lock the idd service with the hotel!

the plane ride was only 3 hrs and it's better than we expected. he slept for 1+ hr in the departure flight, and all through the return one! lucky us (and other passengers)!

and seriously i have to admire you for taking yoshi from cincinnati to hk all by yourself!

Yoshi said...

Actually I was lucky enough to have my brother with me from US-HK flight; then Nori was with us on the way back. So I have not yet experience the travel alone trip yet with Yoshi....NOT NOT NOT looking forward at all....One of my friend took her 1+yr old son on long flight, he cried so much that the flight attendant asked her to take her son into bathroom for a while, hoping to keep the noise down.....poor mom..