Friday, May 23, 2008

rafael on the beach

the weather in sabah was not that nice last week , most of the time it's cloudy and windy with occasionally showers in the afternoon and at night. the sea water was too cool for swimming so we just let rafael play on the beach and luckily he seems to enjoy very much : P

the "sunset" bar is located at the far end of the beach. heard that the sunset view is terrific but we didn't have the chance to prove... maybe next time : P

the other end lies the spa but we haven't tried neither.

at first we were a little bit worried that rafael didn't like to step on the sand with his bare feet but it turns out he is okay with this.

another rafael's favourite activity in sabah - washing feet.

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Yoshi said...

Spa and sunset....those are the things we would probably never missed without kid; v.s. children playarea- those are the places we would probably never visited either... can't believe how life change. LOVE the beach pics of Rafael, his little cute.