Sunday, May 25, 2008

he smiles!

in playgroup, you'll find some of the children who really enjoy the class and they'll laugh aloud in whatever activities. you'll also find some of the children showing a poker face throughout the 45-min class. rafael usually belongs to the latter. but in yesterday's lesson, i finally caught his smiling face - though it only appeared for a few seconds : P hope he'll start to enjoy every class from now onwards...

a blank look on rafael's face when playing with the teacher and other classmates.

still a blank look when playing alone.

oh... finally he smirked when pushing the airlog with other kids : )


Judy said...

Amy looks so funny in pic #1.
Rafa "smirks", haha, indeed he did, good choice of word, Mac.

amy said...

see what the teacher was holding? i was imitating the sound of the cow.

mooooooooo :P

馬渡太太 said...

Takumi misses Teacher Payne.
Takumi misses Rafael.
Takumi misses Level 3.

Takumi was the one who showed the Poker face in Level 4...he has never did so in Level 3.

Amy Tam said...

Oh... hi...same first and last name and from HK too!! haha

Your son looks so cute! How old is he? And how do you know Augie?

Have a wonderful Tuesday~ :)

Amy Tam said...

wow...he looks like a two years old... :)

Nice to meet you too....come back and check often ;)