Thursday, June 5, 2008

bye bye level 3

rafael turned 16 months old today (happy birthday to you, rafa!) and he has to say goodbye to level 3 at gymboree. both amy and i miss teacher payne a lot (guess rafael feels the same?) but she is not teaching level 4 at weekends, so we may let rafael switch to her music class on saturday instead. hope rafael will like it.

no more slides and toys at music class, will rafael get used to it?

rafael has learnt putting back the toys into the box after the magic box time.

he also seems to be enjoying the class after more than a month's time (our money is not spent in vain, hurray : P).


michelle said...

oh so there is gymboree in Hongkong too !

amy said...

oh yes yes, i think it's a franchise business. so your daughter is also attending gymboree at paris? are the classes in french or english?

michelle said...

no, it is not that close to my home so finally i didn't bring her there...
they have playing classes in English