Monday, June 9, 2008

cooking papa

rafael usually has congee or rice for lunch and dinner during weekdays and we always try to be creative in the weekends. by we, i actually mean mac, who does most of the cooking for rafael.

a few weeks ago we had homemade dumplings (special fillings for rafael).



and another weekend we had mashed potato.



do you think rafael likes his new food? well he is usually interested in the first 5 minutes and then starts wandering around holding his spoon again. we are seriously thinking of letting rafael have his dinner at school, as the teachers say he can finish up his lunch by feeding himself in 15 minutes.


talking about eating, this video cracks me up everytime. i love watching your show, daddy.



Judy said...

I miss Mac's dumplings.


woodstockbb said...

The most impressive part of the video is seeing Mac feeding Rafael and not forgetting to say cheers when it is required.