Friday, October 10, 2008

all about cars

what is it with boys & cars? have all boys just inherited the car-loving genes from their fathers? rafael had shown his liking in wheeled toys at the nursery even before we bought him any. toy cars are naturally a must in the baby bag now, and if he's in a tantrum, a proven way that can calm him down is to bring him to the window where he can see the traffic. very soon the crying will stop, and be followed by a non-stop commentary on the traffic conditions.

"big bus stop(ped)... (people got) off... small bus coming... woo woo (imitating the noise of the vehicles)... minibus go(es)... woo woo... schoolbus down... taxi coming... woo woo... motorcycle up... woo woo... d(t)ruck coming.. woo woo"

oh thank you for your detailed report, my dear boy...

and rafael can drive with anything... be it a stacking ring, a tiny cookie, or even a twist wire we use to tie a food bag. when he has that magic steering wheel, he can take himself anywhere! one minute he's gone to the "park... (to blow) bubbles"... another minute he's off to the "library... (to read) books"... oh talking about library, when he's there, he's actually more interested in looking out the window and watching the cars on the flyover than reading any of the books.





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it's in the gene, haha!