Friday, October 10, 2008

inspiration lake

thanks stephenie for her lift, we finally came across the opportunity to visit the inspiration lake on tuesday. i wouldn't have had the motivation to go if i had to drive by myself as i was just off from overnight work on tuesday morning.

it was cloudy on tuesday but luckily it didn't rain. to my surprise the facilities in the playground are still in good shape...


rafael was tempted to touch the water coming out from the fountain but he was so cautious about not to get wet : P


of course rafael spent some of the time in playing with his little toy car...


we asked rafael to show us a crying face but he ended up giving us this - perhaps he felt so happy from the bottom of his heart : )


the lawn is green and spacious. we can hardly think of another lawn where we can step with our bare feet...


another pic of a happy mom and a cheerful son - i'm lovin' it :)


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Irene said...

Rafael looks more like Amy in these pics.