Tuesday, October 28, 2008

bid adieu

rafael has been attending music class for almost 4 months and i am sure he enjoys every single minute in the class - the credit undoubtedly goes to teacher irene. many of you know that rafael is seldom willing to be held by others but irene, so it really tells you how much he likes her. in fact not only rafael, but also amy and i love irene very much - i think we are all attracted by her cheerful voice and lovely smile : )

sadly irene will be leaving for her home town next month. rafael just has his last music class with irene on sunday. words are simply not enough to tell how much we will be missing her...

judging by rafael's expression, i know he must have started missing irene...

dear teacher irene,

we'll never forget the joy and fun you brought to us and hope that our path will cross again soon!

all the best,
rafael & family


Irene said...

Dear Amy and Mac, your post made me weeping (happily hehe..). Truly without your great support, energy, and enthusiasm in class, my class won't be as enjoyable for the kids, especially for Rafael. I've been very lucky to have great kids, parents, and nannies in class. Each class member made my class smoother and more fun!

I love you all and I've been missing you a lot!! Please keep on posting, I'll check and see Rafael's growth!

Mac said...

welcome to mackie's family! glad to hear that you enjoy reading our posts!

yes most of the kids, parents and nannies in your class are great... but a good teacher is always a corner to success!