Wednesday, October 8, 2008

more to tell...

sometimes rafael is very reluctant to walk on the street, even in the park. but he is more willing to walk inside an air-conditioned shopping mall! to change his mindset, we decide to bring rafael to outdoor more often at the weekends.

it seems that he enjoyed very much strolling along the walking trail on the peak.


not only picking leaves, but also flowers... (when i was small, my father used to let me suck the bottom part of the flower to taste the honey : P)


and gave them to mama (wow... amy received her ever first "bunch" of flowers from rafael!)


looking at the waterfall...


and also pretty girl : P (obviously papa was not distracted as my eyes were never off from rafael... hehe...)


for amy and i, the first half of the strolling along the walking trail was relax and enjoyable... but the latter half... it was just like a tough weight training exercise... sigh...



Yoshi said...

Mac, afterall, your whole point about this blog entry was just to proof that u didn't lay your eyes on the other girls, right?!^_^ 1 family, 2 cameras?

Mac said...

well, i have hesitation in bringing the dslr but amy insisted... : P as for the whole point of this entry - i only lay my eyes on the pretty ones... haha

Yoshi said...


Irene said...

Oh, I still do the "tasting" honey from some flowers. People don't do this anymore? Hope the flowers in HK are not too polutted.