Monday, October 20, 2008

ocean park

amy got two days off last week and we had been thinking about where to go with rafael. at first we planned to go to the disneyland but after second thought we believed that ocean park is a better choice for rafael. after all i guess kids are more interested in real animals than those fake ones? : P

this summarizes what we saw/did in the park: visiting the pandas (he (or she?) is the only one who was awake while others all fell asleep!), playing locomotive and seeing big/small fish/jelly fish/sea lions/seals/dolphins.

but apart from the above, i believe this is where rafael likes the most... by judging from his smile

and this is where i like the most... finally i can sit down and take a rest : P

we are happy that the merry-go-round has returned to normal, but obviously rafael is not quite happy about that. perhaps he prefers riding on a panda!


Yoshi said...

Overall, does Rafael like Oceanpark? I'm sure he actually likes anywhere he goes as long as he has u and mommy by his side.

(Does he not like the merry-go-around? Yoshi liked it the first time, but then he cried ever since we picked the movable ride on the 2nd time)

Mac said...

rafael might feel insecure if his feet can't touch the ground. so he doesn't like playing swing, merry-go-round or swimming... : P