Friday, November 7, 2008

fun with dough

rafael loves playing play-doh. one afternoon i suggested "let's play clay!" and he's so excited that he sped to the living room in little hops.

to be honest, my imaginative power is very much below par. the play-doh playing is actually a very good exercise for me as i need to force myself to be creative in order to show rafael the many possibilities. okay let's see what we made this time.




fish, microphone, peas, lemon, cookie, ring, banana, broccoli, fries, onion, steak, sausage... can you find them all?

except at school and music class, rafael is rarely willing to put down the things he loves to play. i was happy that our last clay playing session ended without any tantrums. maybe it's because he already played for more than 1.5 hours at the table (i can't imagine he has that level of concentration)? or maybe it's because he sang this song by himself:


btw i love this song we learnt from the playgroup. it's very multi-purpose! : )

i had been a bit reserved in letting rafael play clay before, as i'm afraid that he would eat the dough. well, he actually did put the fake food in his mouth once! i do think the clay really looks quite real sometimes (look at the cookie and the fries!). after hearing my explanation, now he would hold his spoon and say "pretend eat"!

found some edible play-doh recipes on the net. anyone wants to try?

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