Friday, December 5, 2008

what a little brain can do

a batch of books i ordered online arrived yesterday and i couldn't wait to show them to rafael when i was back home last night. i was holding up two eric carle books and rafael immediately said "art class 有... 一樣" (art class had... the same) while pointing at one of them.

i was really shocked -- that's the very hungry caterpillar we read at the art class more than 3 weeks ago and rafael hasn't seen the book anywhere else... omg rafael, what else could have been stored in your little brain my dear? that mommy and daddy had a fight weeks ago?

glad that i haven't passed you my forgetful genes.

and then while we're playing cars on the mat, grandma was telling me that rafael met an expat boy at the bus stop in the morning. who else could have thought that the little ears could pick up our conversation in the background and proudly told mama the new vocabulary he has just learnt? "mama, 鬼仔 (gwei-chai)".

attention daddy, grandparents, uncles, aunties, and myself:
we really really must watch what we do and say every second now!!!


- 一眼看出媽媽帶回來的書就是三個多星期前在美術課讀過的那本。"美術課有...一樣!"

- 玩車子時原來側起耳朵聽嫲嫲說早上在巴士站遇見外籍小哥哥的事,然後自豪地跟媽媽說他剛學會的字:"媽媽,鬼仔!"



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Miss you, Rafael!

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