Wednesday, December 3, 2008


amid the present economic gloom, we as parents inevitably need to think of ways to save some money on toys. so for a set of $99 playmats, it has to be:

a tunnel to burn the endless energy of a toddler /
a camping tent for imaginative play

a shower room to train/prepare your toddler to
use the shower instead of bath

a table/counter for role-playing


and a car/bus too
for some more role-playing with an toddler who loves wheels


please do let us know if you have better and funnier ideas! sorry, no presents for the most innovative ideas though. 歡迎免費提供其他創意玩法!

courtesy 鳴謝: inspiration from 靈感源自 mama4


vt said...

ahhahhahah, i find these pics really funny, cos it reminds me of those 日本露宿者。hehehe
i really think the idea of turning the playmat into these new games is very creative!! 8)

Yoshi said...

Great job dad. Very impressive.
Yoshi can't wait to meet Rafael next Sun at Gymboree, I will arrange with Auntie Sandy then. See ya.

amy said...


those were in fact ideas from my crazy mother. your mom actually inspired her too! i saw those cushioned tunnel and driveway at your home!

p.s. yeah let's have fun singing christmas carols at gymboree next week!!

amy said...

vivian, oh yes, now that you said it, i do think rafael looked a bit like those street-sleepers too. :P

媽媽阿四 said...

i like the bus :)