Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a different new year's day










michelle said...

amy, 祝 你和家人 新年快樂,身體健康! 九天好快過,靖愷快要再見到爸爸了 :)

Yoshi said...

Happy new year to you all. Wish new year will bring more happiness and good health to everyone (& more family time together)

Amy- nice shots. I totally thinking of u tonight, as I'm sitting here by myself while Yoshi is sleeping and Nori is out on business trip. Wouldn't it be great if we live close to each other and have sleep over (w/ the boys...) ^_^ We would both definitely be staying up very LATE....^_^

Mac- Don't worry. From our past experience, I'm sure Rafael WILL recognize u at the airport. If he doesn't run to you right away, just give him a hug, and he will surely recognize your man'ly' sweatly smell....that's DADDY's special smell. ^_^ Be safe in your trip, and make sure to bring back lots of yummy chocolate & a cuckoo clock for Amy & Rafael.

Judy said...

wah, mama did sleep "a bit" late nei (google reader told me amy posted the entry at 3:xx am, not sure if that's true or not).

the shots are very good indeed.

MAC (in case he reads the comments too), HAPPY NEW YEAR, YOU'LL BE BACK IN NO TIME.

Mac said...

dear all, thanks for your warm regards. 7 more nights to go and i'll be home again. i just can't wait...

amy said...

michelle, yoshi & judy: thank you!!!

yoshi's mom: yes wouldn't it be perfect if we could support each other when daddies are away!!!! let's hang in there together! me, you, mac and nori (and the boys too)!

Yoshi said...

Amy, though we are living "few" (BIG) blocks away...but somehow, reading your blog after Yoshi went to bed, and I'm sitting here alone, it's just like talking on the phone with friends, sharing our daily stories with each other. It's a way of supporting each other too. Thanks. ^_^ Dadd"ies" will be home very soon.