Thursday, January 1, 2009

the disney effect...?

though rafael likes the train and some of the games (especially the mad hatter tea cups - i am a bit surprised that rafael is not scared by the wildly spin : P) in the disney, he seems not really fancying the disney characters...



p.s. at this stage, i reckon rafael is still liking ocean park more : P


孜媽 said...




Happy 2009!

amy said...

哈哈, 多謝捧場! 大都是mac寫的才會將有我的相片放上來! :p

Yoshi said...

forget about the dsney characters, just looking at 3 of u are quite funny. Rafael- why don't u like those characters? are they scary? (I bet Yoshi will react the same if he's with u); Amy- I must say u did a pretty good job, considering u are trying to calm Rafael and stop him from running away or arching his back, u still managed to give a smile to camera; as for Mac- u just have the look of "S-M-I-L-E" everyone....and acted like nothing wrong happened around...haha. Happy new year all of u. (u will be seeing our comments more often soon after we are back to the quiet part of the world....^_^)

SoCow said...

i think rafael is scared by the snow "white".