Thursday, February 5, 2009

adorable two







rafael's adorable two

on the day when you turned two
the clouds were white and sky was blue
a year ago you were just learning to walk
who could imagine you can now sing and talk?

they say it's now your terrible two
but we really treasure whatever you do
oh please don't grow so fast my dear little boy
cause holding you in our arms is the biggest joy!

we couldn't say enough how much we love you dear
as our love just grows with every day and year
love, health and wisdom we wish for you
enjoy your childhood before it says adieu!

p.s. thank you for teacher irene's painting and everyone's birthday wishes and presents!


michelle said...

好溫馨的相片呢! 可以問那是在哪裡嗎? 好像在郊外?

amy said...

謝! 我們到了山頂一遊! :)

孜媽 said...



Sarah Yuen said...


媽媽阿四 said...

Happy adorable 2!!!


Irene said...

I can feel how much you've fallen in love with Rafael! It is a sweet poem coming out from the heart. I agree with you, it is the stage of "Adorable Two".

Rafael, I bet one day you're going to drop your joyful tears reading Mommy's poem.

Thank you for the pics. I miss you all, Mackie's fam!

Veronica said...

I am so touched by your poem (both the chinese and english versions)! Don't know why it somehow made me cry!
Happy belated birthday Rafael!! From Veron and little Cookie (who just turned 1 and now learning to walk, like you did a year ago!) :)

amy said...

Thank you all for your birthday wishes and sweet words!

irene: i hope rafael will have the patience to read over our posts when he grows up! :)

veronica: welcome! in fact sometimes my eyes are wet when i re-read my poems/posts too, haha. what a sentimental mother (bet you're too?)! and, happy belated birthday to little cookie! :)