Monday, February 9, 2009

"our" very hungry caterpillar



"our" very hungry caterpillar

six tiny cotton balls
in your hands so small
so lively our caterpillar crawls
and brings laughter for us all


Sarah Yuen said...


Vivian said...

so creative!

We have the same book!!

amy said...

sarah: 又真的挺像啊!

vivian: try try! it really takes no time to make one! :P

Rachel said...

I can make one for our story time in class as well! Thanks for the idea.

Irene said...

I love the new banner! Could it be a symbol how Rafael sees the world? A little bit covered here and there. :P

amy said...

irene: thank you! i love this pic too, as i took it myself! :P