Wednesday, February 11, 2009

in times of sickness

rafael is having fever again, just one week after his recovered from his last one.

in times of sickness, i'm grateful that:

- i am still breastfeeding, and i can make him drink more liquid even when he's sleeping.
- i have a job that can allow me to take leave relatively easily.
- i can leave rafael in the safe pair of hands of my in-laws who live nearby - as we have no maids.

call me suspicious (haha, no one noticed my typo - i meant superstitious! :P), but rafael has been sick in three consecutive februraies - in 2007 he was hospitalised for 8 days after he was born, in 2008 he was absent from school for most of the days and in 2009 he has seen the doctor twice in a month already. february is certainly the influenza season i believe!

children get sick all the time, but as parents, we couldn't help not to worry as much each time around. i tend to believe what a doctor told me though, that this is how the children build up their antibodies and get strong.

this picture was taken when he was having fever last week - he woke up in the middle of the night asking for a glass of cow's milk!




milk moustache


Vivian said...

oh take good care!!

媽媽阿四 said...


michelle said...

祝 Rafeal 快快康復 !! 鍚鍚抱抱他 :*

alsace said...

兒女生病, 父母一定非常擔心, 雖然生病了, 偶然又會笑一笑, 這就是小孩子了, 就因為他仍會笑才令父母心情放鬆了一點, 愷愷, 加油呀, 康復後你的身體又會再強壯點.

woodstockbb said...

I get sick at every CNY.

Judy said...

Take care, fighting fighting!!

BTW, love the new header.

vt said...

rafael, hope you will get well soon, and be stronger and stronger in 2009. 8)

aulina said...


amy 你好厲害,餵咁耐!加油!

amy said...

thank you all aunties for your blessings! they really work wonders for rafael, as his temperature seems to have gone down finally. hope it won't go up again!

thanks again for all your support!!! :)

Yoshi said...

Oh my poor Rafael, get well soon. Hope mama & daddy can get some sleep too. (looking at his photo from the hospital back in 07, his little thin hair were "flowing with the wind")

hiwong said...

Poor guy.... Rafeal 早日康復! take care

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