Tuesday, March 24, 2009

peeping mom and dad

we are so glad that rafael is taken care by teachers in nursery but not helpers or grannies at home - no offence to those who do so, but i just can't believe that rafael have had learnt so many skills should we keep him staying at home. the teachers are so caring and supportive while the classmates are all friendly and amiable, which have helped a lot to rafael's development, both physically and mentally.

though we'd love to spend every single minute with rafael, sometimes we will stand aside to see how rafael gets along with the teachers and other children. it's interesting to learn that rafael, although he's still very young, has already developed his social life at school. he has his own favourite teachers and a circle of best friends : )

oh rafael, i just hope that you won't feel so sad when you have to leave for another school in six months later...



Yoshi said...

I'm always AMAZED how much Rafael is capable in doing/ speaking. Good job.

Sarah Yuen said...