Monday, March 23, 2009

privileges after turning 2

i reckon that the lift of ice-cream ban is what rafael treasures the most. we used to let him taste only a toothful of melted ice-cream but today we allow him to eat almost the whole scoop.




to grandparents and friends, lifting the ice-cream ban doesn't mean that candy, chocolate and soft drink are also allowed for rafael. in fact they are still the prohibited items for the sake of his oral health. so never try to lure/please/introduce rafael with these kind of food. thanks : )


Yoshi said...

haha, someone was very busy. I'm sure Yoshi is very looking forward for his big ice cream moment...(wonder if he will like it or not?!)

Judy said...

a la the US movie "He's Just Not That Into You" which is showing in HK - well, here we can see that "He's (Rafa) Just Very Into You (ice-cream)".

haha. He's loving it!

Sarah Yuen said...

He hasn't tasted chocolate or candy even in the school?